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Live in England with one of our Host Families

The majority of our visitors stay with carefully-chosen host families, who all live close to the school. We would recommend you stay with a host family so that you can find out how British people live, practice your conversation skills and learn more about British culture.


The system is highly successful and lots of individuals and groups come back year after year and remain in touch with their host families for many years.


We have seen many good friendships made and we are proud of the way we find a suitable host family to suit your requirements. You may have special requests, such as a special diet or a family without pets, and we will do our best to find that family for you. 

Our host families are regularly checked and provide high-quality accommodation and food for our visitors. Many of them are friends of ours and we know how old they are, how many children they have got, what pets they have and who else will be staying in the house when you are there. Many of them live in lovely houses in quiet roads near the beach, or near the park.


The host families are accustomed to having overseas visitors stay with them and will respect your wishes with regard to food, freedom of movement and sleeping arrangements. They will offer you three meals a day, of which the midday meal may be a packed lunch because you may well be out on an excursion or enjoying one of the activities.


Your host family will make you feel welcome and help you adjust to your new surroundings to make the most of your stay here!

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